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State Dept. announces longer look-back period for travel purpose

The Department of State has just announced a new rule for what will happen to travelers who misstate the true purpose of their travel to the U.S. -- or who change their minds too quickly. Previously, if a traveler stated one purpose for travel on a visa application but then acted contrary to that purpose within a month of arriving in the States, immigration officials could presume that traveler had misstated the purpose of their trip.

Georgia, other states pass state-level immigration laws

In response to changes in immigration policy from the Trump Administration, the legislatures of 42 states and the District of Columbia are passing their own immigration measures. A total of 133 new immigration laws and resolutions have been passed at the state level this year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Immigrant Policy Project. That’s nearly twice as many as last year.

Court ruling could help get immigrant kids out of detention

Tens of thousands of those who have entered the U.S. illegally in recent years are children unaccompanied by parents. Many of these kids are fleeing Central American countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. They are seeking to escape the rampant drug and gang violence of their homelands.

'Dreamers' face an uncertain future in the current administration

People who were brought to this country as young children by parents who immigrated illegally may have breathed a tentative sigh of relief this month amid reports that President Trump was not going to move at this time to deport "Dreamers" and that they could continue to get work permits.

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