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Racial discrimination and the U.S. justice system

In Georgia as in the United States, individuals differ greatly when it comes to their views on race and crime. The divisions tend to lie along political lines, and have widened in recent years. A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center reveals that the U.S. population has become, in some senses, less biased toward foreigners and people of color. Unfortunately, our justice system and other institutions have yet to catch up with popular opinion.

What does Atlanta's marijuana decriminalization law do?

On Oct. 2, the Atlanta City Council voted unanimously to reduce the penalties for the possession of small amounts of marijuana. This brings the city into line with a growing number of larger cities that have decriminalized cannabis possession within city limits.

Can police require you to use Apple Face ID to open your phone?

It's hard to imagine. Suppose you were arrested under suspicion of buying or selling drugs. The police might want to search the contents of your cellphone for evidence of the deal. Even if they obtained a search warrant, however, they might run into a new technological barrier in the form of Apple's Face ID.

How Gwinnett County's drug court can help you with your addiction

Ask any proponent of legal reform and they'll tell you that by far one of the biggest problems is that it punishes more than it rehabilitates. Over the past few years, though, more alternative sentencing programs such as drug, mental health, DUI and veteran's courts have began emerging. They have as a goal to reduce recidivism by getting defendants the help they so desperately need.

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