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September 2017 Archives

State Dept. announces longer look-back period for travel purpose

The Department of State has just announced a new rule for what will happen to travelers who misstate the true purpose of their travel to the U.S. -- or who change their minds too quickly. Previously, if a traveler stated one purpose for travel on a visa application but then acted contrary to that purpose within a month of arriving in the States, immigration officials could presume that traveler had misstated the purpose of their trip.

In a 'gray divorce,' it may make sense to cash out of the home

According to the Society of Actuaries, half of women and a third of men who are now in their 50s will live to be 90. Among married people, there is a 50-percent chance that one of the spouses will live to 92. That means that many people who marry at 30 will be together for 60 or more years. If you're not in a happy marriage, that can seem like a very long time.

Avoiding jail time after a DUI charge

In Georgia, drunk driving is a common offense. In fact, roughly 20,000 state residents are arrested on DUI charges each year. Because related accidents lead to hundreds of fatalities and thousands of injuries, law enforcement officers tend to be tough on impaired drivers. Legal penalties include jail time, court fees, and the suspension of one's driver's license.

Can police require you to use Apple Face ID to open your phone?

It's hard to imagine. Suppose you were arrested under suspicion of buying or selling drugs. The police might want to search the contents of your cellphone for evidence of the deal. Even if they obtained a search warrant, however, they might run into a new technological barrier in the form of Apple's Face ID.

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