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Discussing juvenile crimes and the legal process

A lot of the discussion that surrounds criminal activity centers on the devastating impact that these criminal charges can have on the accused individual. There’s jail time and fines, a criminal record that must be accounted for, and myriad other consequences that can afflict someone who is accused of or convicted of a crime. These are serious matters that any accused person needs to consider when they are arrested or their case goes to trial.

But all of these concerns also apply to juveniles who are accused of a crime. The juvenile legal process is different to the one that adults face, but it can still cause a person’s future to become clouded.

For example, people under the age of 7 usually aren’t charged for crimes, even though their parents could be held liable. From age 7 to 15, the individuals are likely to be taken to juvenile court. If you are above the age of 12 and below the age of 18, it is highly likely to go to juvenile court and, increasingly, these individuals could be tried as adults. It is a disturbing trend that dramatically affects families for years and years.

In some cases, a juvenile matter is dismissed if it is relatively minor in nature. Sometimes the case may be handled “off the record,” which could still involve a trip to court, but the consequences are relatively lax. Some fines, community service, and counseling are common legal remedies when things are handled “off the record.”

But when things are handled on the record, the juvenile’s life could forever be changed by the charges he or she faces. Defend against these charges by consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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