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During Summer, The Number Of DUI Arrests Increases

In Georgia, the number of fatal car accidents involving teenagers is 15 percent higher during summer than it is throughout the rest of the year. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drunk driving figures into a large proportion of these incidents.

As a result, local law enforcement will be setting up DUI checkpoints along state highways, “at various locations that have yet to be disclosed.” The hope, in a sense, is that there will be an increase in arrests, rather than in DUI-related deaths.

Why Establishing Paternity Isn't Good Enough

Many children in Georgia are born outside the bounds of traditional marriage. This isn't so surprising - traditional marriage isn't as appealing as it once was. It's common for modern couples to have children without getting married, and for unmarried partners who live apart to share parenting duties.

In such situations, however, biological fathers are extremely vulnerable to losing their parenting privileges. Under Georgia law, if a child is born "out of wedlock" - that is, if the child is born when the parents aren't married (and have never been) - the father has no legal rights to visitation, custody, and a range of other crucial concerns.

Many fathers believe that by establishing paternity they will regain their parenting rights. Unfortunately, they are misguided. Paternity compels fathers to support their children financially, but offers no help to fathers who actually want to spend time with their kids. An additional step must be taken.

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