Prioritizing Children's Needs

One's children are the most important consideration in life. The legal process can be particularly difficult for kids and, because they have no legal voice, they are uniquely vulnerable to the individuals making decisions on their behalf. It is no overstatement to say that legal proceedings will dramatically alter a child's entire future path.

A Salmon Firm, LLC, has developed a core competency in ensuring the protection of children's interests. Our founding attorney, Rebeca Salmon, is an active member of the National Association of Counsel for Children, the Georgia Association of Counsel for Children, and the Immigrant Children's Legal Network. Simply put, we know how to prioritize children's needs, and have a great deal of experience doing so.

Based in Norcross, and serving throughout Atlanta and the region, we take care to see that children are cared for both emotionally and financially in the long term.

Legal Support For A Full Range Of Concerns

Our lawyers offer qualified counsel and representation in a full range of child-related matters, including:

  • Legitimation and fathers' rights — Establishing paternity is incredibly important. It is the only means to ensure that fathers retain their full legal rights — which can affect matters ranging from inheritance to immigration. Our firm is adept at helping clients navigate through a comprehensive array of related concerns.
  • Custody and visitation proceedings — Your relationship with your children depends on how often you're able to be with them. We help spouses arrive at fair, mutually beneficial agreements with regard to custody and visitation.
  • Child support — Proper child development requires proper support. Our firm works hard to ensure child support payments are sufficient to cover all necessary expenses including school, medical care, clothing, food, housing and more.
  • Power of attorney — At times, it's necessary for parents to designate another adult to make decisions for their child. This can be done, however, without giving up one's parental or custodial rights. Through power of attorney documents, parents can ensure the legal protection of their children in specific situations and, in so doing, help safeguard their offspring in the long term.
  • Dependency court issues — Dependency matters are especially complex, where ensuring the protection of a child's well-being is especially important. Our firm has a great deal of experience representing minors in dependency court, and understands how to offer the best possible counsel in such situations.
  • Delinquency court issues — When a minor is charged with a criminal act, they are treated differently from adult offenders. Police, prosecuting attorneys, and delinquency court judges have broad discretion to shape the accused's future. Drawing on our extensive experience, we know how to assert the rights of children in juvenile proceedings, and ensure that they receive representation that protects their best interests.

Legal Support When You Most Need It

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to our firm. You can call us at 770-901-2917 or schedule a consultation online. We stand ready to help.