Divorce Will Affect All Areas Of Your Life

Divorce proceedings can quickly become overwhelming. They mark a period of dramatic change, where one's connections with one's children and also one's finances are drastically redefined. Many feel that their future, once so carefully planned, has been taken away from them.

At A Salmon Firm, LLC, we strive to help our clients maintain stability and achieve their legal goals during divorce. We're here to answer any questions you might have and address all your concerns. The process can — and will — be stressful, yet it's important not to act rashly. Based in Norcross, and serving throughout Georgia, our attorneys offer experienced, knowledgeable guidance at every step of the way.

Legal Support In Every Aspect of Divorce

Our lawyers offer legal assistance for all manner of divorce concerns, including:

Spousal support — Many individuals worry they will be unable to maintain financial independence after divorce. Our firm helps spouses reach resolution in support disputes. We take all matters into account — from contributions of income and assets to contributions by way of sweat equity — and strive, in all cases, to help our clients continue their standard of living.

  • Asset division — Likewise, the division of assets is a source of great anxiety for many couples. Our lawyers are adept at ensuring marital property is appropriately entered into proceedings and properly appraised, to facilitate equitable division.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — Increasingly, couples are establishing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as a way to strengthen their marriages. These contracts can form a useful blueprint for what will happen in the event of a divorce, and offer long-term security to both spouses.
  • Modifications to divorce decrees — A divorce decree is a living document. As circumstances change — as children grow up, or as careers develop — so, too, do one's needs. Our firm can help you update you decree as necessary as your life continues to develop.
  • Contempt orders — The mandates of a divorce decree are enforceable by law. If a spouse fails to meet child support or spousal support payments, or otherwise violates the decree, family court can hold the offender in contempt. This can lead to fees or jail time. Our firm can help spouses initiate contempt proceedings, and also offers protection to those facing charges of contempt.
  • Protecting children — Ensuring that children's interests are protected is, for many, the chief priority during divorce. Our firm has established a reputation for asserting the rights and interests of children in all areas of the law; we understand how to prioritize children during divorce.

Legal Support When You Need It Most

To learn more about our services, or to discuss any questions or concerns, reach out to our firm. You can call us at 770-901-2917 or schedule a consultation online. We are always prepared to assist.