When Traffic Incidents Lead To Legal Trouble

For many, a traffic incident can be a major setback. Tickets and fines may prevent one from paying rent or meeting other obligations; a hit-and-run can leave an individual with unaffordable repair bills. Likewise, DUI charges and other moving violations can lead to the suspension of one's license, leaving individuals with drastically reduced means to attend to their daily routines.

A Salmon Firm, LLC, offers qualified legal assistance to individuals facing complications arising from traffic violations. A full-service law firm, we have developed core competency in the fields of family law, criminal law, and immigration law — any of which can come into play when one is pulled over. Based in Norcross, our lawyers serve all of Georgia, and stand ready to answer our clients' questions and address their concerns.

What If I've Been Pulled Over And Don't Have A Driver's License?

Being pulled over can be especially worrisome for unlicensed drivers. While those who simply forgot to bring their license with them can generally avoid excessive penalties, individuals with expired licenses or no license at all will face penalties of hundreds of dollars as well as jail sentences. Working with an attorney is necessary to reduce the penalties you may face and protect your rights and interests.

The Rules Of Hit-And-Runs

In Georgia, the law mandates that anyone involved in an accident must stop their automobile and provide their contact information to the parties involved. Unfortunately, this is not always how accident scenarios play out. In many cases, a driver that caused a crash will simply flee the scene — and their civic responsibilities.

This is illegal and, if caught, drivers will endure legal penalties. First-time offenders face up to one thousand dollars in fines and a year in prison; the punishments for repeat offenders are more severe. If someone was injured in a hit-and-run crash, the eloped driver will face felony charges and up to five years in prison.

Our attorneys offer representation to individuals charged with hit-and-run crimes. We are skilled at helping the courts understand the full scope of the situation — if, for example, an emergency compelled one to move on from the scene — and work hard to have penalties reduced to the fullest extent possible.

Undocumented Immigrants

Undocumented immigrants and workers face a special array of concerns when pulled over. Although they have legal rights, it is natural to fear that a traffic violation may very well initiate removal proceedings.

The best advice is not to drive without a valid license. Ask a friend for a ride, or use a taxi or Uber. If you run into the law, however, our firm has exceptional experience in immigration matters; our lawyers understand how to assert the interests of all clients, including undocumented immigrants, and protect all individuals from judicial overreach.

Legal Support When You Most Need It

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