Challenging A Court's Ruling

Georgia's court system is intended to facilitate justice for all. And, for the most part, it performs its duties well. At times, however, mistakes are made within the legal system. Thankfully, there is a means to correct them.

The lawyers at A Salmon Firm, LLC, are skilled at appealing wrongful convictions and verdicts. For many, the appeals process can be overwhelming — individuals feel it is their last chance for justice to prevail. As such, it is important to work with an attorney who is experienced in challenging the decisions of lower courts and has developed a strong record of success.

The team at A Salmon Firm, LLC, is made up of attorneys with a great deal of practice in appellate work. We understand the process, and we understand the local court system. Based in Norcross, we serve the entire state and always stand prepared to help.

How Does The Appeals Process Work?

Appeals court works differently than the first court. It is not a time where one can retry a case from the beginning and present new evidence. Rather, a successful appeal hinges on a lawyer's ability to show that the initial lawsuit was mishandled in some way, or that a client's best interests were not appropriately protected.

As such, it requires a completely different set of skills from traditional forms of litigation. Successful appeals attorneys must be skilled researchers, and know what mistakes to look for in initial proceedings that can be used to overturn a wrong decision.

What Is Habeas Corpus?

Our attorneys are also accomplished at petitioning for habeas corpus. After a direct appeal has failed, a habeas corpus motion can be used to challenge the legality of an individual's imprisonment, denial of bond, or to completely vacate a conviction.

Habeas corpus motions are a potent tool in individuals' fights for justice. However, these petitions are governed by a complex set of rules and strict set of deadlines, and it is essential to work with an attorney who is adept at carrying out such matters.

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