Legal Defense Against Criminal Charges

A criminal charge will affect all areas of your life. Convicted individuals face steep court fines and jail terms. Moreover, the establishment of a criminal record can make it difficult to find suitable employment or housing. Some offenses require that one's driver's license — or one's right to vote — be revoked. It is important, when contending with criminal allegations, to work with a lawyer who knows how to protect your interests and your rights.

A Salmon Firm, LLC, can help. Based in Norcross, and serving all of Georgia, our attorneys are accomplished at minimizing the penalties our clients face. We are familiar with courts throughout the state, and know how to work effectively with opposing counsel to obtain the best results possible for our clients.

A Holistic Approach To Criminal Matters

Our lawyers take care to work closely with our clients and understand their lives. The better we know our clients' priorities and needs, the better we're able to help.

We offer highly skilled representation in a full array of criminal matters, including:

  • Traffic violationsMoving violations, including drunk driving, can lead to the suspension of your license. Our firm can help you protect it.
  • Drug crimes — Georgia is not lenient with drug offenders. Our attorneys provide qualified help against charges of possession, distribution, trafficking, manufacturing and more.
  • Theft crimes — We defend clients against both misdemeanor and felony charges stemming from shoplifting, burglary and related offenses.
  • Domestic violence — Domestic abuse and neglect must be taken seriously. Our firm can help facilitate the safety of all family members.
  • Habeas corpus and appeals — The attorneys at A Salmon Firm understand how to challenge court decisions and assert our clients' rights.

Legal support When You Most Need It

To learn more about how we can help, reach out to our firm. We have a wealth of experience and a record of successful results.

You can schedule a consultation by calling 770-901-2917 or by contacting us online. We're always ready to assist.